Alliances for Innovation

In our hyper-connected world, the ecosystem is a key asset to be orchestrated. More than ever, a company's success depends on its ability to identify value-added partners, create a virtuous dynamic of open innovation and maximize the power of its network effect through impactful strategic alliances and value allocation in the right balance between stakeholders. Magnetism and trust capital are key assets to cultivate.

  • 01 — Learning Expeditions
  • 02 — Mapping of your ecosystem
  • 03 — Startup sourcing & assessment
  • 04 — Alliances design
  • 05 — Valorization

Learning Expeditions

L e a r n

i n g

E x p e d i

t i o n s

Meet, see, feel the first signals of something new - first hand.

Mapping of your ecosystem

M a p

p i n g

y o u r

e c o

s y s t e m

Know your industry and those who disrupt it, evaluate your ecosystem.

Startup sourcing & assessment

S t a r t u p

s o u r

c i n g &

a s s e s s

m e n t

Find the rising stars and evaluate their potential.

Alliances design

A l l i

a n c e s

d e s i g n

Design strategies and alliance mechanisms aligned with your strategic objectives, from commercial partnerships to corporate ventures to acquisitions.


V a l o r i

z a t i o n

Measure your transformation and new activities with the appropriate KPIs.


Axelle Ricourt Dumas
Corporate Strategy, Value & Insights expert

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