Business Design

Born in the new economy, we naturally detect early signals of new business opportunities. Based in San Francisco, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore, we conduct a continuous and thorough market watch.

  • 01 — Market & Customer Insights
  • 02 — Strategic Design
  • 03 — New Business Launch & Market Fit

Market & Customer Insights

M a r k e t &

C u s t o m e r

I n s i g h t s

Most importantly: we address what your users really need. How? By living a day in their shoes. We meet them, experience their realities and understand their problems. We go on the field - and we’re not just saying that. You know your core business. We are here to bring boldness and fresh ideas, to take you to the next level and really impact your users.

Strategic Design

S t r a t

e g i c

D e s i g n

We help you graduate from a gut feeling to a real business opportunity. We design and storytell new business lines, new offers. We create the business models that work in the network economy. Because yes, money matters.

New Business Launch & Market Fit

N e w

B u s i n e s s

L a u n c h &

M a r k e t

F i t

Launching a new business in the traditional way can take years: we are here to help. We simulate market launches (and launch for real). We test, we collect data, we adjust the product - continuously. It’s simple, really: we live for businesses that grow, scale, and bring value to customers.


Axelle Ricourt Dumas
Corporate Strategy, Value & Insights expert

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