Convinced that the strategic vision must be constantly nurtured, challenged and open, we propose that you keep an eye on the world through inspiring analysis and prospective content from the world's best ecosystems.

  • 01 — Innovation Outposts
  • 02 — Disruption analysis
  • 03 — Studies
  • 04 — Conferences

Innovation Outposts

I n n o

v a t i o n

O u t

p o s t s

Tailor-made or multi-corporate monitoring programs to deepen your strategic subjects or perceive weak signals.

Disruption analysis

D i s r u p

t i o n

a n a

l y s i s

An analysis of the disruption bundles on your value chain and the disruptors to be closely monitored.


S t u d

i e s

Known for its collection of "GAFAnomics" studies, Fabernovel helps you to decipher the most innovative models and make them your own.


C o n f e

r e n c e s

High level events or conferences (programming, coaching, facilitation) to acculturate and inspire your teams, create exchange and commit your employees.


Axelle Ricourt Dumas
Corporate Strategy, Value & Insights expert

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