New IT Architecture

Renovate the core. Exploit the new. We build solid foundations to make digital innovation and legacy IT work together as one. Our architects interconnect and interoperate your systems and applications. We define a good balance between custom software development and available market solutions. Get the best of modern approaches and adopt a GAFA architectural mindset: low latency, high performance, unlimited scalability, security by design, future proofed, and designed around the user experience.

  • 01 — Modern Architecture
  • 02 — Technical Software Design
  • 03 — Big Data

Modern Architecture

M o d e r n

A r c h i

t e c t u r e

Implement modern architectures to increase velocity, relieve the technical constraints and improve resilience and scalability of your IT system. We support and empower your teams on the deployment of reactive architectures, microservice, and event-sourcing.

Technical Software Design

T e c h

n i c a l

S o f t

w a r e

D e s i g n

Modern architectures bring new opportunities for the business. In order to grasp them, we set up with you new methodologies that minimize the translation effect of the business into code. Methods such as event-storming and Domain Driven Design will bring the business closer to the developers and technical implementations that will concretely impact the business.

Big Data

B i g

D a t a

Understand, control and optimize the data to extract business value in a context where the data is ubiquitous, varied and in constant flux. Our goal is to provide the right data at the right time for reporting, monitoring, analysis and decision making for you.


Antoine Michel
New IT architectures expert

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