User Experience Design

We use design to solve complex challenges. We design new experiences, products, services. For your users first: your customers, but also your employees and your partners. Because we believe everyone deserves great experiences that make life easier.

  • 01 — User Exploration
  • 02 — Customer Journey Design
  • 03 — Experience Design & Prototyping
  • 04 — Design at scale

User Exploration

U s e r

E x p l o -

r a t i o n

We go on the field, meet your users and analyze their data to understand their needs and behaviors. We love meeting direct customers. And farmers, craftsmen, factory workers... Basically whoever is in contact with your product. We leverage our designers’ empathy to challenge common beliefs and identify new opportunities. For everyone.

Customer Journey Design

C u s t o m e r

J o u r n e y

D e s i g n

We identify user pain points and design global customer journeys, leveraging every contact point, whether online or offline. We help you build a pragmatic roadmap to make your customer experience a competitive advantage.

Experience Design & Prototyping

E x p e r i e n c e

D e s i g n

& P r o t o

t y p i n g

We create products and services: digital platforms, IoT, offline experiences... We know how to prototype and test them with agility and speed, collecting user feedback to continuously adapt the product.

Design at scale

D e s i g n

a t s c a l e

We help you in spreading a design approach across your organization. We give you the tools to monitor your experience – and to industrialize and scale it (Design Index, Design System). We help you build your own design organization. At scale.


Raphaëlle Toledano
Yassine Belfkih

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